Welcome to our Tibetan language proofreading services!

Our team of experienced proofreaders is here to ensure that your Tibetan language texts are free of mistakes and ready for publication.

What types of documents is this service for?

We can work with any digital Tibetan language texts that you need to proofread, including:

Note: If your source text is a hard copy, photo, or scan, you will also need our OCR service before we can proofread your text.

Who will proofread your text?

Our proofreading team members are:

Our semi-automated proofreading service

  1. Two or more members of our team individually proofread your text or texts.
  2. Feed the proofread versions into an OpenPecha textual comparison tool to highlight any differences.
  3. Our proofreading team lead checks the differences between the versions and chooses the correct one.

What will you receive?

How much will it cost and how long will it take?

The time and effort involved depends on each individual text, but here is a guideline.

Number of words Estimated hours Estimated price (USD)
5,000 X $X
10,000 X $X

Get a quote and place your order

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